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ElectroDons is a trading name of ElectroDons Group LTD Unit 12 Westgate Arcade, Queensgate, Peterborough PE1 1PY

Company Number: 14409772| VAT Number: GB426 5445 91 |

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How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends largely on the volume (number of pages) and the requirements of the website. A website on a CMS will be cheaper than one written from scratch in HTML. A store that has 100,000 products will be more expensive than one with a few items on offer (of course, this is a big simplification and each quote at our agency is individual!)

Price for creating a website (maximum one subpage) with hosting and domain starts from £499

Multipage company website
We will make a company website that will meet the expectations of customers and will be an important part of building a professional image. We will create a website design containing up to 7 subpages, such as About Us, Products, Gallery, Contact.

For whom?

We will build a site for anyone - small and larger business. Company website design is also great for freelancers and professionals who want to showcase their portfolio.

We program

Our webmasters put graphics and content together and make sure the site displays well on any device.

We test

This is the stage where we make sure your website meets the high standards we set for ourselves.

We submit for approval

Even before the website is published on the web, we forward the final design to you for review and approval.

We design

Based on the interview and collected guidelines, we create a graphic design for your website.

We plan

We contact you and interview you to get a good idea of your needs and set priorities.

We implement

It's time to enjoy your own professional website! We publish your website on the Internet.

Website development

  • Customized graphic design of the site
  • Site adapted to mobile devices
  • Site tailored to the industry
  • Site enhanced with necessary functionalities